♫ How to play “I GIVE MYSELF AWAY” (William Mcdowell) – gospel piano chords tutorial ♫

www.PianoClubhouse.com This is a tutorial to play “I GIVE MYSELF AWAY” by William Mcdowell. For access to more full-length tutorials, visit PianoClubhouse.com.

www.easypiano.com http This is a series of 6 Piano Lessons that provide instruction on learning to play the 4 basic chords on the piano. Major, minor, Augmented, and diminished chords are taught in easy step-by-step lessons. Piano Lessons – Instruction for Learning the Basic Chords will teach you the four basic chords in the keys of C, F, and G. These piano lessons are kept easy and move at a pace that makes learning them simple.


  1. @PianoClubHouse Hi again, I was asking for the rest of this song. I played it by ear and found some of the notes. Can you send me your email address or another way to contact you, so you can check my notes and tell me if they are right or not? Thanks.

  2. @midnightpassion43 I’m glad you like it! I’ve given you the basics, with practice you should be able to nail it!!! Let me know how it goes after you do it with your choir. Tj.

  3. @PianoClubHouse Man you are off the chain, if you get my drift. You are a great player, love it. When I see you play, I just smile, because Lord knows i whats going through my mine. Wishing I could play like that. I would like to learn 2 play this for our choir. God Bless you.

  4. heyyy this is really goood…my only thing is, i switched it upp a little bit and i actually added a Gminor in there and ended my last chord on the Eb. …idk why but i think it might be in the key or Bb. i could be wrong tho

  5. @deborah3351 DVD or digital download can be purchased directly from the PCH store (pianoclubhouse com). Thanx! Tj

  6. @inumillie102 Thats the idea my friend! Thanx for watching. Be sure to check out all of my others too!

  7. this was a great tutorial, i like the way you broke everything down. your a blessing keep up the good work

  8. This was without a doubt the most helpful video I’ve viewed on YouTube in a long time, thank you so much for taking the time to create this series, its been truly invaluable in helping me understand these concepts.

  9. You are simply stupendous! Amazing lesson. So precise and lucid,i think i will stop attending my own private lessons and continue with you. Thank you so much, sir!

  10. thank you so much for posting this video..we have an electric organ and a piano in our house but no one in our family knows how to play it. Ive been wanting to learn how to play it but I found it so hard to do. Now you make it look so easy to learn. tnx a lot…

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