1 Amie Major Pentatonic Scale Lead Solo Guitar Theory Lesson

Part 1 of 3. Learn the lead guitar solo to “Amie” by Pure Prairie League, plus important guitar theory information about the major pentatonic scale. Taught by Desi Serna author of Fretboard Theory. Visit his website at: Guitar-Music-Theory.com For a step-by-step breakdown see Amie Solo part 1 by Desi Serna youtube.com Amie Solo part 2 by Desi Serna youtube.com


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  2. That first chord is sick, I’d give up my kids for that. I can’t make it but I’ve got the intro and the other chords so awesome lesson.

  3. i suck very bad… this lesson altho i haven’t mastered it, was the best explained i have seen.. the break down is perfect. 5-6 little notes at a time pause reply.. wonderful. thank you.. dont have a clue what a pentatonic scale is, i imagine it gets used a lot but for a recreational point of view and campfire player i am going to look like a rockstar.. thanks again

  4. @zedrein18 It’s a common misconception that modes are created by starting positions. I recommend you get the video program Guitar Modes: The Modal Scales of Popular Music DVD.

  5. Why is it the major pentatonic and not E mixolydian? I know that starting from the perfect 5th scale degree in A will be E, so this would lead me to believe it’s the E mixolydian scale you’re playing.

  6. I think Seasick Steve plays a guitar with one or two strings! I should have started with one with six! I started on mandolin so I was already a sucker for multiple string misery. I, actually, believe that it was because I had made such a big mistake with my first guitar purchase in 1974 that I persevered over the years. My problem was I had that Paul Oliver “The Story of the Blues” book and I saw Leadbelly with a big Stella 12 string. Should have looked at the other pictures a bit more!

  7. I struggled to learn this back in the period 1975-80. I just wish I had known that if I was a little patient- and waited about 30 years that YouTube and this good man pkdds would come along and make it so much easier. I was daft enough to learn on a 12 string which didn’t help- it exploded one day- well the headstock kind of snapped off!

  8. Dude, this is best tutorial I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Brilliantly done; thank you for sharing it with us– and gratis to boot!

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